Burd Phillips and Shawn Wolf: Trackstand Bike Switch Sep 14, 2010

Burd‘s always been such a creative rider. Case in point is this trackstand bike switch that he teamed up with local rider Shawn Wolf on. Nicely executed fellas!

  • Whoa. Rad! Would have been nice with another camera too at a different angle, no?

  • Cort

    Not so special. Did that with two other people last year.

  • got video?

  • Burd

    Not trying to be “special”, just having some fun, as always.

  • a friend and i have tried this a few time before, sooo hard.

    this is awesome!

  • Cort

    Totally Burd, not dissing on you at all. I just figured that since my friends and I had done it (in 2008 actually) that you would have handled it then, as well. Sorry John, no vid or pics of a full-on switch, but some pics of an attempt:

  • bakerbones


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