Bmore Fixed: First Fixed Freestyle Girl Bar Hop? Sep 20, 2010

Photo by Keith Teket.

This has gotta be the most legit girl on a fixed freestyle bike photo I’ve ever seen. Christina, you keep killing it! Fuck yeah! Setting the bar (hops) higher for the girls for sure!

Check out the full photo set at Bmore Fixed.


  • fanboy


    But I though that Julie AKA Paris Hilton of the International Fixie Skidder Scene already did it, even on a video somewhere. Well, maybe not?

  • aj austin

    and a nice person to boot

  • correct me if i’m wrong, but i think this is Katrina doing one a few months ago.

    not saying christina isn’t a total badass.

  • Katrina

    …..I can do that.

  • sam

    A real pedal-into hop bar to fakie, Christina is the “legitest”

  • Seth

    Christina helped me build my first bike at Velocipede. She is a very cool person and I am glad she is repping Baltimore!

  • Zoe

    I can do double bar hops and bar slap bar hops….

  • josh

    wouldnt that be cool if the girls who actually rode hard got sponsored

  • A Girl’s Name

    hi… …i’m a girl and i can do a barhop…

  • onn

    hi everyone im a girl and can do a thing pay attention to me

  • puckett

    i can get wasted at the bar and slap a basic bitch to attempted fisting rape party and walk on banh mi sandwiches

  • guy

    What a ham-beasting woman.

  • KatrinaMedina