Blue Lug: Candy-Colored Surly Steamrollers Sep 7, 2010


I have always wondered why the Japanese market gets to have all the fun when it comes to street fixed gears and track bikes. It seems like every entry-level bike offered in the States comes in black, white and maybe tan. Case in point: the Surly Steamroller for Japan. Blue Lug just got a batch in and all I gotta say is “why not offer these in the States?”. Especially now, of all times. My Surly was one of my favorite bikes and I’m sure a few more color offerings wouldn’t hurt! I love that mint-colored frameset!

  • Like a thousand times over!

  • JEEBUS, I want that so bad. I’ve been looking at that yellow frame on Blue Lug’s FLICKR for 2 years now.

  • Will

    I love my Surlys and I’d love them even more if they weren’t all earthy crap-colors (though I think that makes them conveniently unattractive to thieves).

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these custom powdercoated by the shop? I remember hearing a while back that a lot of japanese shops do this sort of thing. Also, the color-matched water bottle bolts (on the mint one) are a dead giveaway that this isn’t a factory job.

  • When I met the Fuji, Bianchi and other reps in Japan, they told me that they make colorways specific to the Japanese market. When I asked why not the US too, they just laughed and said Americans are too uptight for flashy colors…