Bilenky Cycle Works: Viking Track Restoration Sep 19, 2010


All this talk about Vikings and custom paint recently has me seeing them everywhere! First, one popped up on our local Craigslist and now Bilenky‘s been working on this restoration. Check out the wrap job on those Pista bars. Now that’s how you dress a bike for a photo shoot! Amazing.

  • C

    Looks great, wish such frames were appearing on my craigslist/gumtree

  • Steve Carter

    I used to have one of these and I raced ith though the 70’s. It was very light, 531 double butted tubes. It was actually originally called a ’25’ (the apostrophe was part of the name). Mine was a very scruffy pale blue. I got the new transfers which had evolved into large block letters in red so I repainted it lime green. Viking were still in business then but the ’25’ script label was not available. I had to send the frame number to get the Reynolds 531 sticker. I built my own wheels on huge flange alloy Chater Lea hubs. I used it and won MSW Shropshire hill climbs on it. Sadly my Dad sold it while I was cycling around the world.