Ask Prolly: Do Any Shops Rent Out Bikes in NYC? Sep 16, 2010


One of the most common questions I get is about bike rentals in NYC. More specifically, fixed and single-speed rentals. A recent slew of emails crossed my inbox last week asking this question:

“Prolly, I’m coming to NYC in a few weeks and can’t afford to bring my bike. Do any shops rent out track bikes or single speeds?”

The short answer is “yes!” I know of one shop that does and that’s Chari & Co. Their current offerings are a small Swobo Sanchez with a basket and a brake, a single speed, coaster brake Swobo with 26″ wheels and other bikes at request… all for $8 / day. Then for the big spenders who want to do some serious road rides, they also have a Lemond Ti road bike with full Ultegra for $75 / day. All you need is a credit card and matching ID. For more details, contact the shop.

Other shops that rent bikes (not fixed or SS though):

Gotham Bikes
New York’s Waterfront Bike Shop
City Bicycles
Manhattan Velo‎
NYC Bikes
Pedal Pusher Bike Shop
Hudson Urban Bicycles

Of course, you could always go with one of the 100 shady bike rental spots in Central Park

  • We do it! Not in NYC, but Barcelona have better weather to go for a ride!

  • Rui

    If you are uptown in the washi9ngton heighta area, Tread Bikes on Dyckamn also rents hybribd and mountain bike. They even rent DH and freeride dually if thats your pleasure. Not sure about prices though.

  • Vas

    in NYC the bikes rent you!

  • rodney

    Grove Street Bicycles … just over the water