Affinity Cycles: Interbike 2010 Sneak Peek Sep 19, 2010


What? You thought we were joking? If you only knew who fabricated this bike, by hand, in the USA, you’d have your mind blown. This is only a teaser. All I’ll say is it rhymes with “nimble” and they were the first to make a monocoque-constructed bicycle. Come to the Brooklyn Booth at Interbike. Affinity, Hold Fast and Mishka DART.

  • LOL

    Cant wait to see it ridden by idiots with an aerospoke and risers…

  • This is an American frame. Not a cookie-cutter frame. No Errorspokes will grace this beast!

  • Leader

    We will be ripping this off for next year’s Interbike.

  • Gordon

    Wasn’t Aegis the first to build a monocoque frame? That doesn’t rhyme with nimble…

  • Nope. This company pre-dated them…

  • Jeb

    Is this a Trimble? Woah! I wish I was going to Interbike. What’s the back story? Are there any more pics Prolly?

  • 8pmhangover

    While brent trimble did help design the first monocoque bike frame, it was technically under the Kestrel brand.

  • that’s the right size.
    wild bike, did you ride it?

  • Smitty

    Mike Burrows designed one of the first Carbon Monocoque frames in the mid 80s.

  • She felt so good at 47mph, 10.3 200TT….
    I am sure it will even be better with the new mods.
    Stop by the Affinity booth…

    Andrew LaCorte
    2008-2010 US Masters National Champion

  • TJ

    That figures: Only Trimble would put a riser stem on a lo-pro.

    During the mid-80s, Aegis produced carbon monocoques on behalf of Trek. Various partners later split to form Kestrel. AFAIK, the Trimble prototype was not SHOWN until 1988.

  • bakerbones

    holy monocoquely !

  • Just about every track racer I know races with a positive rise stem and that’s not a low pro.

  • Brent helped create kestrel which was noted as the first monocoque. Trimble did all kestral designs. This track frame was before kestral…

  • Guillaume

    Ho;ly Burritos Batman Hulk! It is fuckin sick

  • Spencer

    Damn, that’s sick. Nice fork too!

  • Dima

    I can’t wait to see one of these bad boys out in the streets…

  • Chris

    thickness! i fucking love carbon track frames and their four inch tall chainstays! that oval concepts fork’s the bomb too, i’ve got it on my LaSuprema.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Graphic reminds me of this bmx from when I was racing as a kid…

  • Maceo at Kinfolk designed it and this was shot in the Colossal warehouse in Greenpoint (epic commercial mural studio. Wait till you see all the detail shot!

  • Doug moak

    I can’t believe Trimble is still doing business. I hope his response to all this plastic tomfoolery these days is “Been there, done that”. I have to confess, I laughed at the Trimble mountain bike. Whose laughing now?

  • JF

    Cool and all but the geometry seems a bit lazy. I mean look at the Mali posted earlyer thats tightness.
    But idk maybe cf bikes are built this way.

  • CH
  • Andrew

    All USA team bikes were rebadged as GTs during the 90s.

  • CH

    Good point.

  • kylej.
  • Mike

    A rider in Trexlertown rode one of these this summer. From what i was told they are based off of thoes GT frames from the Olympics. the different? the GT’s cost about 30,000