Adam Haynes for Nike 6.0 Sep 9, 2010


Yes, screen prints are rad. But 4′ by 4′ prints? That’s insane. In fact, when I first saw this image at Go Means Go, I thought it was a poster. Turns out, it’s just a detail from the artist Adam Haynes‘ recent work for Nike 6.0. Insane right? Check out more details at his site!

  • Vas

    WOW. this is amazing! i want!
    the detail is insane, i love how he incorporated that 6 wheel seagle car into one of the ramps. damn.

  • Alice Glass.

    This piece is heeeeellla old, not recent at all
    I remember seeing it at least two years ago on one of my RideBMX ‘zines…