A Girl and Her Bike: Jess Versus and Her Lurker Sep 10, 2010


In what I hope to be an ongoing series, the A Girl and Her Bike entries will show chicks and bikes in what I consider a genuine light. First up is the lovely Jess Versus. Working full time as a tattoo artist and commuting daily on her bike, Jess fits the bill of a cyclist in my opinion. Recently, she picked up a Gran Royale Lurker and as her first brand new bike, her passion in cycling improved ten-fold. The other day, I took advantage of the warm late-summer sun and shot some photos with her. As alluded to earlier this week, here’s the full set.

Check the rest out below.


The light was perfect, so we rode down to the waterfront.











I really like the head tube.


And the fork blades.


No comment!


The Lurker’s a really nice bike. For the pricepoint, there are some nice details. She’s stoked on the ride, the look and to be riding something with a little more style. I’m really pleased with how these photos came out. I tried to make them look as natural as possible. Ladies, if you live in NYC and want me to shoot you, feel free to email me! Jess, thanks a bunch for modeling and I hope you guys enjoy!

As always, there are more photos on my Flickr!

Jess Versus is Lurking


    OK,I’LL SAY IT….. G R E A T .. A S S ! ! !

  • Jame-E

    as a long time reader and fan of boys on bikes and the occasional lady, i’ll say this was cute! even the grip photo was a good laugh. keep it up prolls and if i lived in new york i’d hit you up for some. my nagasawa needs lens love! could i wear my bibs and jersey?

  • boing!


  • john… you should start SUICIDE RIDE GIRLS… obviously no brakes allowed.

  • the truth

    dump em out girl

  • Anthony Hernandez


  • rob

    lucky saddle!

  • So happy to see this up! Thanks again, Prolly.

    Thanks to the people that are appreciating the non-naked-ness of it all. :) I was hoping there’d be a few non-T&A comments.

  • jarshy

    dat ass…
    that bike is damn nice tho. kinda wish I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on my Redline Urbis

  • Joe

    WOOT, nice bike ;-P

  • motivatedbyhate

    yea, usually when a girl throws her ass in the air and arches her back guys notice everything else…………..oh wait……it is a fuckin nice set up though

  • The double wammy.
    Pretty girl.
    Cool bike.

  • JasonSlc

    I wanna see that left arm, looks rad.

  • Josh Skinner

    Whoa is this Zlog Oosh girls now?

  • EzPz

    Anyone got any opinions on how the Lurkers ride? Definitely looks sweet, thanks for sharin your new whip Jess!

  • phdnyc

    cool bike, beautiful behind (and the rest of you too). last picture is background worthy! but then i wouldnt get any work done..

  • dontcoast

    FWIW I think this good photography and bike being acutally ridden is way hotter than the idiotic half nakie borrowed bike humping photoshoots ive seen elsewhere

    Jess (and Prolly)I hope you guys are getting kickbacks, cuz I personally didn’t think the Lurker would sell well before this post. Now I think it’s future is looking bright.

  • nate c

    nice photos. but really, what’s “genuine light”?

    also, get the girl a helmet!

  • ronnie

    Whoa her booty looks good and plenty. Does she do tricks

  • looks like john prolly is moving into andy white territory

  • cj

    simply amazing. the blood transfer made me lite-headed. zowee.

  • zen

    Jess epitomizes my prosaic excursion of Tattooed Women on fixed gears .

    One small point of criticism – you wrote “As eluded to earlier this week”. Should have been “As alluded to earlier this week”.

    To elude is to evade or escape. To allude is to refer to an earlier statement relevant to the current topic. Other than that, thank you for the imagery, and a the new bookmark.

  • thanks for the grammar check…


  • ptp

    WTF is a “genuine light” when the light is basically “hey check out this girl in tight jeans sticking her ass out”? I’m all about sex-positive feminism, but talking about a “genuine” whatever and then going out of your way to show off your model’s ass is just weird. If you want to represent women and cycling you need to step out of your male point of view and show them as cyclists who happen to be women. Like this, it’s just softcore bike porn, and there’s nothing wrong with that.. except there’s nothing genuine about it either.

    And this is no disrespect to your model, either. It’s her body and her life and her choice. This is on you for trying to call the photos something they’re really not.

  • That’s what she wears every day. I.e. no heels, no booty shorts and not on some massive bike. This shoot was more genuine than most “chicks on bikes” and that’s how I wanted to shoot it. I didn’t tell her to pose any way…

    Chill out bro. Lay off the edge.

  • Kim F.

    PTP, as a girl I can say that prolly did catch this in a very genuine way. I think you’re being too harsh on someone that tries to not offend the women readers. There’s nothing wrong with how the model is dressed or how shes posing. As a girl with a bit of a backside herself i know how easy it is to make it look like your strutting it but thats just how we are. Whats wrong with a girl being a bit flirty in posing anyway and whos to say its not genuine? Your attack is a bit too harsh. Just my input.

  • ptp

    Here’s the thing. You have more shots of her butt than you do of her actually riding her bike. That’s a genuine light? I’m over it, but I think if you wanted some sort of.. I donno.. gender authenticity, which is what’s implied when you describe it how you did, then I would expect something a little different. Like I said, if what you want to do is shoot sexy pictures of normal, real girls, then that’s cool and more power to you, but to my mind that’s different than what you said it was

    Anyway, I’m over it, and I hope you understand what I’m saying, but if you don’t that’s okay. It’s your blog, and I can agree to disagree.

  • For the sake of the comments thread, let’s agree to disagree. You can’t please everyone. All I was trying is to do something different.

  • jus sayin’

    ptp, you gay

  • ptp

    Yep, that’s the problem. I’m gay. If only I weren’t utterly emasculated and minimized on account of my perceived sexuality. I can only imagine.

  • Kim F.

    wanna do it? ;-)

  • I’m interested in what PTP is on about. Out of fourteen photos, I can see three as being suggestively sexualized, and one of them was an absolute intended laugh between Prolly and I.

    I WILL tell you that the shots which I believe you reference as being “sticking her ass out” photos are poses for which I received virtually no direction from him as a photographer.

    If knowing what makes my body look more flattering in poses makes Prolly somehow disingenuous in his description of them, then I guess your point is valid. Taking a more “posed” photo doesn’t make anyone less genuine than smiling for a photographer, correct? Best foot forward, and all that.

    Also, it’s a fairly well-observed (and documented) phenomenon that people who are romantically involved tend to bring out rather dramatic sexual tension in the product of their creative endeavors.

    Thanks, Kim. I’m glad to know that there are female cyclists who understand what we were trying to capture!

  • 33_hertz

    Lovely shots!


  • You know, most great artists painted some pretty “racy” pictures for their times. I predict that last picture will be hanging in The Met 100 years from now!


  • bastardbikepunk
  • Tomas

    Pretty face… Delicious ass on this girl… Got more…

  • Wow,

    shess looking awesome.

    Perfect for my blog too :)

  • Love this set, love the colors, love the light, love the bike, love the model….it’s all good!
    to the owner of the bike….good on you for being a sport and doing something different with this photo shoot. That bike is pretty damn clean- it’s not all over the top and gaudy like alot of stuff out there. I kept checking out the seat post clamp location…rad. Never heard of that bike company, but will be finding out about now as a result of finding these pics on flickr. Enjoy that bike Jess, and thanks for the eye candy, made my day!