Wolf Drawn: Trippin’ Aug 26, 2010

Them Cali boys bring the rukkus. Wiley Santos even rips on a razr scooter! Who’da known? Killer edit from the constantly-injured Matt Spencer. Heal up quick man! Keep on top of Spencer’s daily happenings here, at Wolf Drawn.

  • Coop

    I can’t help but feel uneasy about the tagging, that just puts out a bad image for the sport. (And don’t give me the “graffiti is art” line, I recognize that some graffiti is art but THAT graffiti is plain ole’ vandalism.)

  • HotCarl

    Seriously F those dudes and their craptastic talentless spray paint. But i suppose i should expect that kinda crap from a dork who films himself on a razor scooter.

  • c perez

    This shit went down in my hood while I was at work. FUCK ME! Thanks for bombing through my Yellow City (Amarillo, TX). The spray can technique is weak but so fitting in this bible belt town. Come back and I’ll take you to the strip club 1 block away from this park. There is a stripper that looks like Mr. Peanut.

  • Logan

    So they drive through Des Moines at the end, does anyone know what they were doing there? Were they riding or just passing though? I was surprised to see my home town make it into a video.

  • nundt

    Graffitti is pretty much FGFS’ middle name

  • Everyone is so caught up in the spray painting, that I’m afraid they turned away from their computer in disgust, and missed Jakob’s HUGE 3 out of the bowl.

  • fuck yeah ima dork and its just chalk calm down guys 666

  • It was spray chalk that wipes on your hand. :P chill man chill.

  • dirtyFIXIEchalkers

    How many of the riders in this video have sucked Satan’s balls? Show of hands.

  • Satanhater

    Really sick edit but seriously enough of that Satan crap? I understand you guys want to be different and are lovers of everything grimey but fuck seriously Satan? I bet some of you guys go to church every Sunday. Enough of this cult and trend shit.

  • jack

    satan aesthetic being jacked by everyone

  • dirtyFIXIEchalkers

    This dude Jakob looks like he has a chinchilla stuck to the back of his head.
    Is pedaling non-stop in a skatepark actually fun to you guys? Looks like the scooter would be more enjoyable. Do you scoot for SATAN? lolz.

  • SATAN will never be a trend HAIL SATAN 666 LIFE SUCKS DIE MOTHA FUCKA

  • Rick

    the satan shit is getting way tired, and its only in fgfs that its so popular. its understandable that since its so against the grain (trend wise), that makes it “cool” i guess but i just dont understand whats so appealing about it.

  • Evan

    Worship SATAN moth fuckers

  • HotCarl

    Satan is gonna be pissed off to know you were too much of a pussbag to use real paint.

  • you conservative fucks. get a life. go to church. live a lie. i believe in aliens and life and rad shit. say10!

  • congo

  • john2

    Shits funny. IDK about all these people that complain about us pedaling constantly in parks or whatever we do. Stop hating and enjoy the actual video or get off the site.

    Good shit guys

  • snakedog

    I bet they had a better time than you did that day!