Why I Love NYC Aug 17, 2010

When I ride my road bike, I always take my Canon G10 with me. Even though I didn’t take 10 photos yesterday, this one merits its own entry. This is why I love NYC, the streets and avenues strike schisms in space and the grid is a living beast, constantly shedding its skin. Catching lines on a bike through traffic is unmatched. NYC is unmatched. Time to hit the road.

  • b

    such a typical new yorker post.

  • :-P

  • But so true!

  • there goes another Prolly-taken NYC picture to be used as a wallpaper on my PC…

  • chris campbell

    Looking forward to riding that in the near future!!

  • Craig

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s even better early in the morning though!