Well Used: DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers Aug 9, 2010

What I’m going to start to try to do from here on out is a series called “Well Used”. This series will follow up on products that I’ve reviewed in the past after they’d been umm, well used. Because what’s the point in doing a product review on something that’s brand-new? First up are my DVS Milan CTC Cadence sneakers. I first received these at the beginning of June and after spending some time in them, I’m pretty impressed.

Check out what all I’ve gotta say about them below.

I am very hard on just about everything I own and since it’s summer, I’m spending a good amount of time outdoors. When I get sent a product, I really like to work it over before I recommend it to anyone.

The guys at DVS worked hard on developing a new outsole for the CTC sneakers and they’ve held up much better than other options at this pricepoint. I hate it when you buy shoes and after a week, the rigidity is gone. Here’s the toebox of the shoes, worn in but not thrashed like many speculated with the materials.

The reflective accents aged to this silvery finish.

Here’s evidence of the durable outsoles. Hardly worn after a solid two months of use.

What I call “fall burns”.

Overall, the construction and materials used makes for a reasonably-priced sneaker with accents and details geared towards casual cycling. DVS has no plans of backing out of the cycling-themed collection. Future projects are on the horizon, so expect more updates as events warrant!

Product Review: DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers

  • sean reilly

    solid looking stuff. how’s the width on ’em? ive got a four wide, 10.5 foot and would definitely look into a pair if they aren’t skinny like converse

  • legit skate shoes + fgfs shoes
    cant wait for mtx review

  • Just got my pair today. After a very long wait (it appears through no fault of Cadence). June 4th – August 9th to be precise. That being said Dustin definitely kept me in the loop and gracious enough through the process providing personal updates regarding my order. They finally arrived, with a personal letter from DVS and a pair of Matix headphones. Given the fact I have more sneakers than I know what to do with, it wasn’t that hard to be patient. I own other apparel from Cadence and everything went smooth with orders. New business endeavors often times have their bumps. Anyway, probably better suited for the initial product review but since this came up (new series – Cadence/DVS revisited) I would definitely send a quick email verifying stock/availability before placing an order. It does seem like everything is a GO now. Which is great. Stoked!

  • nick

    i guess my pair shipped friday….can’t wait!

  • Sammy,

    MTX’s are fucking solid. Expect that soon.

  • I’m really impressed with this shoe and especially by how low a profile it has. I’m gonna buy a pair soon.

  • Radza

    I ordered a pair of these direct from DVS a few weeks back and got them in like 4 days.

    I fucking love these shoes!
    The support is great, their super comfy and they look great too. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a new pair of kicks for casual city riding.

  • nick


    that is what is pissing me off about the pre-order…over a 2 month wait vs 4 days. i am very torn over the whole deal, since i love the looks of so many dvs products!

  • Brody

    I’ve just started riding in a pair and the tread is awesome, almost like the vans waffle tread, lots of grip, very comfy & great quality.

  • Kristephe

    My husband’s pair should be arriving today as well–major kudos to Dustin at Cadence for being patient, responsive, and keeping us informed as well. He was super professional about all of it even through the delays that seemed to be frustrating his customers even though it was out of his control.

    As for size, Dustin said they fit pretty similar to Nike SBs.

  • I’m a big fan of these kicks been having a bit of a tough time tracking them down here in Aus. I like this “Well Used” segment, when I started my blog i wrote an ode to pair of Ubiqs that I had been using as riding shoes, probably one of my favorite posts actually. Anyway just thought I’d share, keep on keeping on.

  • nick

    received my pair tonight! totally stoked to put these to the test!

  • A lady going 30+ MPH hit me with her passenger side mirror in L.A. on my daily bike commute to work yesterday morning. Although she pwned my chest and kidney, my DVS Cadence’s destroyed her front quarter panel when I flew off the bike and bounced off the side of it.


    Thanks Cadence!