Well Used: Charge Bucket Saddle Aug 12, 2010

Believe it or not, this is the same Charge Bucket saddle I reviewed back in April. Not bad right?

Check out another shot of the damage done below.

What I’m most stoked on is how long the rails have lasted without bending. The body of the saddle is incredibly rigid and aside from the torn cover, the saddle’s in great shape. This is another product that gets my seal of approval, well used and all!

Product Review: Charge Bucket Saddle

  • Damn dude, your still rockin the Bucket? Im really surprised yours is lasting longer then mine did. Im a measly 160lbs!

  • andrew

    where is the setback thomson? lost mine to a thief.
    ah, i think im running the same ten dollar post.

  • i’m really glad you are having luck, makes me feel better about the 3rd bucket i just started riding

    had 2 of the orange Wiggle ones and I bent the rails on both, then went back to a vintage turbo, now back on the bucket

    *fingers crossed*

  • carl

    ILM here:
    lovvve my bucket, thanks to the original review you did.
    i have always had a problem with bending rails ’till now.

  • Damn dudes. I haven’t had any issues with mine.

  • foerocka

    saddle rules point blank.. i pulled a rail by kickin my bike out but the second is beasting