Velo Orange: Grand Cru Stem Aug 19, 2010

Grand Cru Chrome-PINP.jpg

Titan, Cinelli and Nitto’s fillet-brazed stems will fetch a pretty penny on ebay. In the days of steel cockpits, track racers and road racers adorned their steeds with beautifully-crafted stems like these. If you were to get one hand made now a days, it’d cost you well over $200, including chrome. In their effort to create beautiful, yet inexpensive components akin to their precedents, Velo Orange has developed their own steel stem. Called the Grand Cru, this stem will fit your rando, tourer, track or road bike and for a fraction of the cost of the vintage equivalent. Price? Around $75-$95 and due out in the winter. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something from Velo Orange that I dig. Good job guys!

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