Trafik Pictures: To Live and Ride in LA Trailer Aug 23, 2010

Trafik Pictures just posted their final trailer for To Live and Ride in LA, a new film about a LA’s fixed scene. I saw this trailer while I was in LA for the LAB event and thought there were some good moments in it. Personally, the “most dangerous streets in America” line is kinda cheesy. Especially compared to NY. Different strokes I guess.

It’ll be premiering at the LA Bicycle Film Festival this year so get your tickets and check it out!

  • hater666

    The only cat in LA who can ride in NY like a NYr is Hern. The fuck thes traffik dicks know about ny? Come ride in these streets for a year and see how you feel. Most dangerous my ass. Pass.

  • Lauren

    yeah, the streets are dangerous if you are riding like an idiot in them.

    Los Angeles has some of the most respectful drivers I’ve ever experienced. I’ve lived in both cities and can say with complete certainty, that NYC streets are more dangerous to ride in. Statistically because there are fewer streets are more cars/trucks/food cards/shopping carts/dhl mail carriers/hand trucks/granny carrying her groceries…etc in the street. We share them not just with cars here in NYC.

  • Jake Ricker

    Looks amazing!

  • I can’t believe you guys are arguing about which streets are more dangerous. That’s just pathetic. This is on the same level as the “who’s dad is tougher” argument you made in grade school.
    Real NYC street riders (and probably LA riders) should admit the following to themselves:
    1. On a daily basis we ride by 70 year old ladies on 40 year old schwins who “survive” the same streets we do.
    2. We all ride with drivers who are careful and courteous and some who aren’t.
    3. Sometimes we violate traffice laws just like walkers and drivers.

    You guys sound like tools when you compare nut size.

  • Chris, I think it’s just a matter of why even have a quote like “The most dangerous streets in America”? Just seems a little self-congratulatory. Whatever. It’s a sentence and I don’t think it overshadows the film. Can’t wait to see the whole thing… (TWSS)

  • tristan

    Maybe if they didn’t run red lights/stop signs/etc at every intersection, the streets would be a lot less “dangerous”. I can make taking a bath really dangerous by hanging a plugged in toaster over the tub with dental floss, does that make me bathe in the “most dangerous bathroom”? No. It just makes me an idiot for making that situation happen.

    New York City (Manhattan, in particular) is nice to ride in. All the streets are grid like, one way, traffic makes sense. The taxis bunch up, but it’s no big deal.

  • sau

    one could argue that honolulu is the most dangerous city to ride in with more cars then an island city’s infrastructure should be allowed to handle. I agree with krEEEstowfUr, arguing for which city has the most dangerous streets is a bit silly. truth is, riding a bicycle on any city street in america is dangerous.

  • tim

    Tell the white bike on 2nd and Los Angeles St. that… at every other corner there’s a white bike to remind us of reality on the streets of l.a. don’t ride on a bike lane in Santa Monica and call it safe or calm… honestly this film is just another celebration of he thing we all do… much love to those butt hurt in NY and SF… no beef intended.

  • as

    NY & LA are two different cities. NY is a city of pedestrians & LA is a city of cars. Having smashed my face into both I know which one hurts more!

  • Who shot ya?

    You ask for trouble when

    A) You claim something that big.
    B) You call not one but two other cities out by name.
    C) Your producers aren’t even cyclists in the first place and fly a washed-up has-been in from Seattle for a movie about LA.

    Don’t forget where the urban/track bike shit actually started, That would be NYC. And not the endless filming and navel gazing. But it’s bigger than all that now, so welcome to the party. More riders are always welcome.

  • Hern > LA ( see you in a week )

  • Stats

    I jus checked more cyclists die every year in NYC than in LA and NYC is a fraction of the size. More potent and more dangerous. La fails once again.

  • Total LOL at riding on the freeway in gridlocked standstill traffic. Ew ew ewww that video is gross. Seriously? You’ve formed a lifestyle and “scene” out of being complete reckless idiots and boast about it? Seriously, stick to tacos, it’s the only thing you guys do well out there. That and porn. Shit, you have good surf too.

  • i shot ya

    Seriously, Lauren? I commute 20 miles each way every weekday. All through it, I’m stomping the brakes because some Lexus darted blindly in front of me; getting stuck behind, or almost running into, a jerk who didn’t signal; getting honked at for the next two minutes by the yuppie I’d accidentally cut off.

    People are screaming at each other, going 50 down residential streets, not paying attention; I see accidents every week. I fucking hate driving here. If LA drivers are “courteous,” then driving habits are an indictment of us as a species.

    And to the folks crowing about their geography… it’s like taking pride in race or a sports team. It’s so broad. I’m not saying it’s so, but it really suggests a lack of personal accomplishments to have to go there.

  • lauren

    yes seriously

    I’ll give props to the cyclists trying to take a left on sunset. I’ll give you that.

    but I still think that LA is the safer city to ride and drive in. sorry, my perspective.

    and i’m probably using the term “courteous” loosely, but i’ve had better driving experiences in LA.

    I’ll probably see this film at the BFF. I preferred the older edit, but this one is ok.

  • LA>NY

    LA Native. Did a vacation I’m New York and rode the whole city. LA is definitely crazier. New York streets are slow and gridlocked and LA has finer bitches but they don’t look up from their cellphones much while driving.

    And all you people like Hern cause he sucks mash’s dick but don’t know about the real LA heads who whoop Hern on the regular.

  • Ron

    La streets are not crazier I used to live there. Riding in LA is more fun cause its safe. What the fuck nyc is crazy I got hit by a fucking car when the crosswalk said to walk and it was a stop sign, and I have gotten hit three times riding my bike by taxis making quick turns in nyc two of where I was waiting for green and not running red lights. I don’t live in cali no more because my parents made me move but whatever as someone stated before “cali is where culture goes to die.” Whoever said that is a genius

  • John

    Bragging about how dangerous your streets are is dumb and a big turn-off to new riders. Isn’t the whole point to get more people on bikes so the streets become safer?

  • hall upinya

    in my opinion LA streets are the craziest, NY has no hills its always gridlocked with cars not going anywhere, SF is an awesome cycling city and bikes are much more accepted there than LA.
    As far as the quotes in the trailers for to live and ride being crazier than those city’s i thought was absolutely stupid, specially with a movie that did not portray that as such. All that movie did was show us that Keo had a good summer in LA.
    I guess my expectations were bigger for this movie as i only enjoyed MR. QUICK’s part and HERN’s BMX part.
    Anyways I hope someone in LA decides to make a movie that shows how LA people really ride.

  • jaywalker

    I have ridden in NYC and El Lay. Without a doubt Manhattan is the major leagues of traffic, but Los Angeles is a completely different beast. Negotiating the distances and mountains that LA has you really need to be a stronger rider. Pulling up next to a guy who has one of those dog tags you know he is a straight badass!