Tom LaMarche and his Track Bike Aug 25, 2010

Photo by Wilis Johnson

Even the world’s best fixed freestyle rider (well my opinion anyway) rides a legit track bike. Wilis snapped this photo of Tom and his Vigorelli earlier this summer. I’d totally dig a series of these photos. The guys known for fixed freestyle with their track bikes. Hrmmmm.

  • Sage

    What ever happened to “these are the same track bikes we commute on / ride daily etc”?

  • World’s best? ‘Cause of his hops?

  • Sage, I still commute on mine and so does Tom. Doesn’t mean we don’t like fast bikes too!

  • Kevin

    Paul its because he is the best. Tom put this sport on the map and paved the way for other fixed gear freestyle riders. Hes a trend setter.

  • mike

    worlds best, what about nasty or jensen? nah, he no worlds best…

  • wilis

    Clever idea John…

  • Seth

    Fuck you Mike. Jensons bike is like 2 time to small and his style is wack. I saw la marche ride at Mayhem he is heads above others. No trendy tricks just balls out riding. Nasty is good but is a one trick pony

  • bakerbones

    LaMarche eats tailwhips for breakfast.

  • noah

    Theres no worlds best. We all have our own styles. YA FAGGOTS

  • Haha, I’m not a fan of when people type “in my opinion” in their posts, but I guess it clears it up because it sounded like you made him the official “best rider.”

    Although, I do agree with you about how he “put the sport the map and paved the way for other fixed gear freestyle riders.” I remember watching those “Fixed” videos for Charge and even when he rode his past bikes on Bootleg Sessions.

    Don’t get me wrong, LaMarche is my favorite rider :).