The Social Bicycle System Aug 12, 2010

This is an interesting concept but I feel like NYC, with its high-level of bike theft is an inappropriate place to implement it. Regardless, Social Bicycles feels like this will single-handedly change the way bicycle sharing systems function. Well, maybe they don’t say that verbatim but here’s their description of the project:

SoBi will be the first public bike share system with the authorization, tracking, and security systems attached to the bicycle itself. SoBi uses GPS, mobile communications, and a secure lock that can attach to almost any bicycle and lock to any regular bike rack. The system does not require separate infrastructure and can be deployed at approximately one-third the cost of existing systems. Administrators will be given powerful tools to manage demand and map patterns of use. Users will enjoy door-to-door transportation and an interactive cycling experience that can track miles traveled, calories burned, CO2 emissions offset, and connections to other Social Cyclists.

What do you think?

  • A22

    Or y’know, people could just spend 200 bucks on their own bike, 20 bucks on a lock and avoid this horrible idea altogether.

  • robotbox

    sounds pretty cool. I hope it works out! Seems like it could be much more convenient than the Velib program in Paris.

    Apparently in Denmark they have a similar concept, except there’s no locking/tracking system. There’s just bikes absolutely everywhere, so you hop on one when you need it and leave it when you’re done. There’s no need to steal a bike, because there’s an abundance of public bikes everywhere. I haven’t experienced this firsthand, but my buddy from Denmark says it’s amazing.

  • austin

    Yeah, I’m with Adam on this. Lowering the cost to $1000 per bike?? That seems exponentially silly when you consider that the majority of that cost is probably going to administration and infrastructure to implement the program in the first place. If people just want something to get around on – buy a $100 (or less) bike on CL.

    @robot: I get what you’re saying about the lack of a need to steal a bike, but bike theft in NYC doesn’t happen out of direct necessity. It wouldn’t matter if you dropped 10,000 public bikes into the city – there would still be an abundance of bike theft.

  • makes sense to me. GPS tracking for health stats and locating bikes.