The 1993 Cycle Messenger World Championships Aug 26, 2010

I wonder how many people were on track bikes at this event? Especially when compared to the current steed of choice at the CMWCs. Great find Jason!

  • ez

    I didn’t spot one (maybe on one shot, but it was a bit obscured). It’s sort of like watching Pedal: on the DVD almost no one is riding a track bike, but when it was released (with the newer photo book) it showed quite a few track bikes (IRO even). It’s not that no one rode track bikes before, but that the notion of all messengers riding fixed is a fairly recent invention. Of course, people did, I think it was just the minority.

  • Not this year. The cmwc in Guatemala is sure to bring out cx and mountain bikes. This year the cmwc booklet will dip into the history of the cmwc 1993-2010. :) great find Jason!

  • JA

    Back in the day, in the late 80’s-early 90’s, in Beantown, where I hail from, everyone rode fixed gears!!
    Fixed gears/Track Bikes aren’t such a new invention, messengers have been riding them for 25+ years.
    (Damn, I’m old…)

  • James 007 @ 2:24 keeping it old school.

  • I first met Erik at the 1993 Cycle Messenger Championships in Berlin. I was riding a fixed-wheel, and so was Erik. There were less than 10 people out of 350 on fixies at the CMC, and Erik reckons that they are all in this pic. Erik is on the left, Bob Schiele of Berlin at the back, Eric the Commander and Steve Harlvel of D.C. are on the right. The gormless looking hippy, wearing the horrible red glasses, is yours truly.

  • I worked with the geezer from Reuter Brooks in the clip. He was a caligrapher and his manifests were immaculate, all in script. wow.