Sneak Peek: Prolly is not Probably New Era 5950 Aug 24, 2010


This has been in the works for over a year. Actually, since I first got my new logo. My friends at Mishka hooked me up with a New Era connection and I can honestly say the anticipation has been killing me!

Tomorrow, these will go on pre-order for $45 shipped in the US. I’ll do international pre-orders for $55 shipped. Size-run will be 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8, 7 3/4 and 8. Full-res photos and ordering details will be live on the site tomorrow so sit tight! Production should be around 6-8 weeks after pre-order is finished. I have to sell a minimum number of hats so the pre-order could last a week. Basically, you’re gonna have a wait a little bit for them!

Shops, if you’re interested in carrying these, Email me for wholesale.

  • EzPz

    you sellin them through mishka’s website or on here??

  • “Full-res photos and ordering details will be live on the site tomorrow so sit tight! “

    Yes, here. Not Mishka.

  • Woo! Can’t wait to see ’em. :)

  • oh shit!

  • That is hawt – good looks on the hook up, nothing beats a fresh New Era!

  • Also, forgot to mention. Hats will come with a ton of stickers!

  • EzPz

    ha sorry yes it was explained, guess my excitement blinded me

  • Jason

    best bike-blog ever. these are so nice! snap backs too?

  • Thanks man! Snapbacks yes, but New Eras first. Prolly not till Spring for the snap backs…


  • lauren

    I kind of like this.

  • nathan

    make a 5-panel!

  • jambox

    these rule.

  • Dima

    How about a Prolly patch?

  • Tasty. I’ve always wanted some custom new era’s of my own. I wish I could afford one right now…always dug the viking.

  • ryank

    Cool Cap John, stoked for you.