Restock on Viking Stickers Aug 31, 2010


After blazing through 50 stickers in an hour on a Sunday afternoon, I’ve got a restock of them up for sale now. Again, small quantities are available as I await a bigger order. Grab them up now for $2 each shipped in the Continental US only. Don’t worry, International orders will be accepted soon! Those who ordered from the last batch should be getting them in the mail any day now.

SOLD OUT! I should have a new batch in a week or two. Thanks guys!

*disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for lost mail and will only ship to a confirmed Paypal address!

  • Gordon

    Prolly, is it possible to pick these up from you if we live in the city?

  • Sure man. I’m always around, just email me.

  • tim

    Restocking these anytime soon?