Rapha Cycling Club: Fastest Mechanic in NYC Aug 26, 2010


What do these 4 Independent Fabrications crown jewels and Rapha‘s Cycling Club have to do with each other? One thing: competition. If you’ve ever wondered who the fastest mechanic in NYC is, tonight’s event at the RCC will offer up a definitive answer.


Don’t miss it! I’m going to swing by for a few minutes en route to the Chrome VIP party.

  • pushakey

    no disrespect to those mechanics, but the fastest/best mechanics in nyc are from city bikes and newgen/liberty, i forget city bikes guys name, but newgen is martin, and theyre both mexican…all the real messengers know

  • Actually the fastest mechanic in NYC won and he should why he is the fastest and one of the best.

    Where you there?

    I know the dude personally and there isnt anything he cannot figure out.

    Slaughtered the other 3 mechanics by a solid 8 minutes.