Profile Fixed: 14mm Axle Hubs Aug 6, 2010

Let me first state that this is months, if not a full year in the making. Profile Fixed has been the one company that has supported fixed freestyle since the beginning. For over three years now, the guys at Profile have tried their best to address the fixed freestyle crowd’s every need. Now, more than ever, 14mm axles make sense on fixed gears. So many people are riding pegs and are in demand for a tougher axle. Wait no longer. These first few prototypes will be getting tested in the field shortly and soon after, they’ll be in production.

Stay tuned here for future news as events warrant. Stoked!

  • bitchin

    so hyped! no more garbage rebranded taiwanese shit from jokester companys. when they dropping prollz?

  • four pegs!

  • this is JUST what we need!

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    Are these true 14mm through axle or slotted? I am in the process of doing the profile swap to 14mm slotted axle myself, but this development begs the question of whether there will be more FGFS frames like the Nem Pro with 14mm drops.

  • Rick

    every year a product (or handful of) comes out and makes the fgfs scene much more well rounded, this sport is becoming more and more legitimate and recognized as an “extreme” sport.
    its amazing to take a step back and look at where we were in 07-08, when the bruiser/gangsta track came out, frames became stronger and made more sense to trick on, as well as hold fasts (a well rounded version of feetbelts), these were big steps into making the fgfs scene what it is today, and here we have a 14mm profile hub, i guess the point is, its fucking awesome to take a step back and look back at how far this sport has come, and that were all part of a bigger movement than we may know at the moment. (its just a hub i know) #deepthought

  • Slotted. 14mm axles milled to fit traditional 3/8″ / 10mm dropouts… There is special machining applied to axle as well.

    I think you might be referring to converting your hubs to true 3/8″ axles.

  • whoa

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    No way man, 14mm slotted! Its been done, and is being done again over here! Its not an official proprietary conversion, there were too many 3/8ths axle break stories ala pegs.

  • Garrison

    here is the only problem. if anyone remembers BMX from the early 90’s 14mm slotted is NOT a good idea. maybe it will be different for FGFS but i doubt it.
    yes you are less likely to bend axles, BUT with less threads and more pressure on an axle you run a very high risk of stripping out the axle. especially running pegs
    yes profile probably knows this and is heat treating the axles which will def. help the cause.
    honestly which is better a bent axle or a stripped one with the peg stuck on lol?
    just sayin….

  • hors

    And you get to test these? Lucky bastard!

  • Chris

    Fixed freestyle will never become a legitimate sport because no one outside of it actual enjoys it. It’s a slower, more awkward BMX bike.
    Having a fixed drivetrain limits your speed and landing capabilities that nothing will ever be impressive.

    -Bmx guy

  • manu

    its me, or that hub reminds me Iron Man?

  • Iron Man was what I thought too!!!

  • Twinkle Toes

    re: Chris 8:09 PM

    Haterz gon’ hate. Open yo mind or just keep moving brohan

  • jake


    It’s got nothing to do with hate. That’s a pretty strong word.

    But look at the fixed “wallrides”…most are taps at best. Fixed will never actually be ABLE to wallride…well, because of pedal strike.

    I don’t know what else there is to say.

  • Cooter Slam

    Hate: to dislike intensely

    Ya’ll keep comparing fixed tricks to other types of biking. Sayin oh you can’t do this fixed so it ain’t legit. Fixed freestyle cats will keep pushin the limits and doing shit that “cant be done” and they’ll keep havin fun doin it. Anybody taking shots at FGFS by comparing it to other bikes are just hatin straight up

  • yo jake,
    riding wallrides is totally possible.
    havent you seen bootleg 2?
    know your roots t-dog.
    also, on the grime frame with high BB ed has pedaled through wallrides many times.

  • Cooter Slam^ agreed.

    ptCTdopepedalrider, what are you folks using for your conespacers? or are you just putting on flat washers?

  • Albert

    Fixed gear freestyle is silly because it has basically turned into a limited and slowed down form of freeride mountain biking. Why haven’t you all learned that if you just throw a cassette on that rear wheel, you have a bike that is capable of blasting huge doubles, bombing down massive hills and stairsets, and easily ridden at more than 12 miles an hour.

    You are all trying to fool yourselves into thinking that fixed gear freestyle is something amazing because you are the forerunners, and as such, don’t have to be all that talented to be able to get sponsored or travel the world via your fixed gear freestyle life. Whereas, if you were all riding something a little more established, you would actually have to try to get any sort of sponsorship or recognition.

    So in conclusion, I will say this; fixed gear freestyle will never progress any farther than a “party dude” sport as long as your have fixed gear wheels on them.

    So man up, speed up, and ride a cassette wheel.

  • Why haven’t others learned that their negative viewpoints and tired arguments mean little to nothing to those of us who enjoy fixed freestyle? Most of us ride a multitude of bikes and are completely aware of the standards and intensity of other cycling disciplines. I’m sure people who are into gaming realize that joining the military could potentially be more productive and valued then getting a kill streak in Modern Warfare 2. Who really gives a shit? If you find something you enjoy the hell out of why give it up because of whatever “trash” people might talk.

    Most of us who are afforded opportunities in this market are more appreciative than many know. We realize how fickle cycling can be and certainly didn’t start riding track bikes to get free shit. Granted I do see some people trying to “come up” much like in skateboarding or bmx…but really that’s just a sign of fixed freestyles grown rather than its being exploited.

    A year ago it would have been crazy think we’d be where we are with this shit today. And a year before that even more so the case. Thus far progress hasn’t stopped and there’s a multitude of things coming together that will continue to help fixed freestyle grow…more plainly…be more fun. It’ll be around for a bit. Ought to just get used to it…