Phoenix: Hiro Ver. Aug 12, 2010

If there’s one thing the Japanese have on lock, it’s this fixed freestyle thing. Super fast and fluid riding. Here’s the latest from Phoenix, featuring Hiro,

  • joey

    wow, barspin much??

  • Smitty

    Actually, while the riding is good in this edit, I am starting to feel like there is a lack of progression happening. Shit is starting to look stale

  • Eric

    Is that the Shadow?

    Also Smitty, there is only a certain extent of progression possible. Then it becomes about fine tuning things. I mean, BMX has come to the same point essentially and by no means is it stale in my opinion.

  • Smitty

    Eric, I agree with you on BMX.
    Look at the Slumworm kids, they try new tricks, new terrain and at the same keep it entertaining. But this edit is almost boring.