Ogilvy & Mather: Helmet PSAs Aug 20, 2010


I’m not one for scare-tactic public safety ads. Sometimes, it’s just too much. The NYC anti-smoking ones are the worst. I don’t smoke so why do I need to see some photos of dissected lungs? Or rotten teeth? It’s gross and I don’t care to see that kinda shit when I’m ordering my egg and cheese sandwich. What I will say is the Taiwanese ad agency Ogilvy & Mather did a pretty good job on these Helmet PSA posters. I’ve seen them before and was indifferent to posting them, knowing that even though I try to, I sometimes ride without my helmet and there’s nothing worse than a hypocrite. It wasn’t until I saw these reposted on Go Means Go via Brussels Bike Polo that I decided to put them up on a Friday.

Wanna see two more? Check them out below…



Gruesome right? Not as bad as when I rode past a woman last winter who had been run over by a bus. Brain matter was coming out of her eyes and ears. Sure, a helmet may not have saved her life but there have been countless miracle incidents where they did!

Ride safe guys.

  • Hot Carl

    I ride balls to the walls. If I crash, slam, biff or wipeout no little flimsy styrofoam and plastic helmet is gonna protect me. My skull is getting crushed with it or without it. Besides wearing a helmet would ruin my whole “dangerous-gritty-street” look.

  • d.patrick1a

    damn these really grab a persons attention. at least it did for me.

  • Matt

    Hot Carl. I think you are doing it wrong. I wouldnt wear a flimsy styrofoam/plastic helmet either as they probably wouldnt do much. But if you were to look around at actual helmets they are quite strong and are proven to prevent serious injury to your head and brain.

  • RE: HC I’m sure that’s a joke. All in good fun, just don’t see anything humorous about those PSA’s.

  • Kevin

    Would love to see these ads in our local magazines and on billboards. I did some volunteer work at a local nursing home and learned that they weren’t just filled with old people suffering from strokes and heart attacks… many of the patients were teenagers, who suffered head injuries while biking or skateboarding and not wearing helmets. I watched as their moms and dads helped them try to walk across a room, wiped drool from their chins, and fed them small bites of food. I always wear a helmet when I bike and continuously hope that my two teenage boys will do the same (even though they don’t think it looks cool).

  • Dan

    Wearing a helmet on a bike is always important, but there are more head trauma incidents percentage-wise, while driving compared to cycling head trauma incidents. Shouldn’t people also wear helmets while driving?

  • haha Dan you might have to show everyone the way with that idea.

    Your percentage comparison could be true because of other factors. Perhaps there are more drivers than bicycle riders. or maybe a large percentage of people don’t use seat belts while driving…

    I think there might be a few extra variables that you’re not mentioning. Not all statistics belong side by side for comparison.

  • antihero1972

    I love how all you fools have your own “smart” reason for not wearing a helmet, fucking awesome. Lets hear them all I need a good laugh.

  • dean.

    i think these have finally convinced me to protect my dome all the time. You’d think crashing into the side of an SUV at 30+ and breaking the passenger side window out with my head would of persuaded me to start wearing a helmet. Waking up in a hospital and not knowing why you’re there or why you’re all bloodied up with staples in your head is intense like circus elephants. When half a day of your life is completely erased from your memory it’s an eerie feeling. Theres no good reason not to wear a helmet. It just seems inconvenient at times. Btw I crashed into that car with my 2010 subrosa malum and when i went to the police impound to pick it up, absolutely nothing was wrong with it. The frame was completely intact and the wheels were still true. Its prolly(probably) the best complete you can buy haha.

  • @ Antihero
    I don’t think one person above is against wearing a helmet on a bike…
    Are you reading the same comments?

  • Ed

    It says that every year 11,000 people are killed on our roads. How many of those were because they weren’t wearing a helmet? Not many I bet. It’s scaremongering and it’s dishonest (Disclaimer, I wear a helmet).

  • prettyboy

    Hey Dan, do you have any other supporting information to back up that comment? Comparing two stats like that and then chucking them out there together like gives a false impression. The home is the place of the most head injuries, you want to know why? Because old people fall over and are unable to stop their fall or it catches them unaware. But the way I say it makes it sound like I wear a lid in the shower. Just because it’s true doesn’t tell the whole story.

  • Zach510

    As a nurse on a neurology unit I see stuff like those PSAs every day in real life. Watched a young man die in his mom’s arms from a head wound he sustained in a helmetless bicycle accident.

    Wear a fucking helmet. And thanks for posting the PSAs.

  • Paulo

    Sorry if this is dickish, but I work in advertising and I just had to point it out. Ogilvy & Mather are not a Taiwanese ad agency. They just have an office in Taiwan. They are very American.

    Anyway, I love the ads and I wish my friends would wear helmets like I do.

  • Dape

    “Wearing a helmet on a bike is always important, but there are more head trauma incidents percentage-wise, while driving compared to cycling head trauma incidents. Shouldn’t people also wear helmets while driving?”


    Helmets look stupid and worst of all they’re hot but I wear mine every time I get on my bike cause I know if I ended up like the guy in the picture I’d wish I’d done anything I could have done to prevent my sorry state.

    On the bright side, I’ve occasionally had women tell me that they think helmets look sexy. I don’t know how this could be but they seemed sincere.

  • jeff

    Not to sound like a broken record, as I think I’ve posted the same comment on the same subject here before, but…

    Helmets can reduce traumatic head injury in crashes, they do not prevent crashes. You have a much better chance of surviving putting your head through an SUV window by not hitting the SUV in the first place. Don’t ride like a buffoon in traffic and buy a fucking brake.

  • Which English language nation has 11,000 road fatalities annually? I can’t figure out which country these ads are for — not the USA (36,000 deaths each year), the UK or Canada (under 3,000 each) or Australia (about 1500). In India it’s a gobsmacking 100,000 people who die in traffic each year.