NYC Velo: Geekhouse Woodville Aug 13, 2010

I can’t get over these Geekhouse Woodville touring bikes. So classy. NYC Velo just got one in, so if you’re in the city, swing through and take it for a spin. There’s just something about racks and fenders that screams “winter bike”.

  • They definitely did not get that particular bike in. That’s Greg’s, and it’s somewhere about halfway between Boston and San Francisco.

    Fun fact about that bike, frame by Marty/Geekhouse, custom one piece bar-stem jammer by Ian/Icarus.

  • That’s what I thought at first but I thought he was on the road already? These were taken the other day… I couldn’t find anything on Velo’s site, so I assumed.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • nick

    This is the first bike by these guys that I actually like.

  • Interesting. I know Greg is in like….Kansas or something. That is almost certainly his bike. Although that doesn’t look like him standing with it.


    Perhaps taken earlier, and uploaded just the other day?

  • I’m in a motel in Kansas. My bike is downstairs.. I think. I’m gonna go check on it hhahhaha

  • Stunning. I really need to get a bike in that yellow “colorway”