Murder of the Couriers Aug 21, 2010

Tom sent along the final theatrical trailer for the Murder of the Couriers. Stoked guys. Looking good!

  • Tom Briggs

    HELL YEAH!!! Vancouver is awesome I miss all these dudes and the film looks like it came out great. Can’t wait to see it!

  • George

    Nice! Vancouver rules, but the Polo stuff is too much! I even prefer FGFS over Polo, who would’ve thought so…

  • Marty

    makes me want t drink PBR

  • Jonny

    That girl broke my heart when she left me for Vancouver!

  • tito

    bike messengers never get sick of talking about it do they

  • mess4life

    no, never get sick of talking about it. once a messenger, always a messenger! you got to respect the messenger!