Mtn Dew Green Label: Fixed Gear Freestyle Aug 9, 2010

Some of the MKE / Chi Town dudes told me about this last week and it’s finally live. I gotta admit, this is a pretty good thing for the ‘sport’. Fuel TV and Mtn Dew’s Green Label got actual riders to talk about the bikes and they offered up a good variety of moves. Nice seeing some familiar faces in there!

  • Parker

    That pedal slide 180 at 1:40 looked sooo smooth and buttery.

  • nundt

    Antonyo is KILLING it so hard

  • RyanK

    HELL YES! As a surfer that watches FUEL TV daily its sooososososo good to see some FGFS Riding on FUEL TV! I design for an action-sports brand and we’ve found thats its the same price to run a 15 second ad on FUEL for 3 months as it is to run a 2-page print ad in a major mag. SO FGFS WORLD lets start running ads on FUEL!

  • Sam

    Rick is KILLING it so hard.
    Check out how far that gap is at the end!