Mike Giant for Cinelli Aug 12, 2010

Out of all the artist bikes and products that have surfaced over the years, these Ram2 bars Mike Giant designed for Cinelli might be the best yet. Seriously how bad-ass is that? Makes me want a modern road bike now.

Thanks for the heads up Eve!

  • antihero1972

    too bad it would be covered up by bartape. sick art and yes best yet.

  • i think that’s why he only did the aero upper part of the bars, keirin grips only go up so far… ha.

  • slitz

    Do you remember the Japanese artist’s name who engraved those Nitto T-13 Drop Bars a couple years back?

  • These are so dope.

  • How about a modern steel road bike?

  • dontcoast

    possibly even the only RaM bars that aren’t fugly.

    mike made that eyesore enjoyable