Matt Spencer is on Leader Aug 4, 2010


Tire slides and flared-out airs seem to be doing well for Matt Spencer. Dude’s got one of the cleanest styles out there right now. Leader acknowledges that by putting him on their team. Way to go dude! Is this a Matt Lingo photo? Or someone else’s?

  • Its a Matt Lingo photo.

  • lolwut he left volume for leader? cool.

    now he can get hook ups on their actual track bikes

  • I never was riding for volume.

  • jdsabvh

    he was never on volume

  • He was on a thrasher, and riding for city grounds if I’m correct.

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    Sick, Congrats Matt! They going to hook you up with a Mordecai or Shadow, or you sticking with that TRK?

  • Already riding the Mordecai. Thing feels great too!

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    Dope! I can’t wait for mine to arrive.