Mash SF: Photo Spot Stickers Aug 25, 2010


I like clever ideas like this. Mash’s new Photo Spot stickers explained:

The intended purpose is for it’s user to offer up a suggested location for others to create a scenic image of their own. A play on Kodak’s original Photo Spot campaign found in theme parks, and national parks around the world. We look forward to this being an ongoing icon for others to share their own favorite locations from rides around the world. Send us your photo, and we will be adding them to a photo series at

Grab some right here.

  • Marty

    In 2009 I placed a order for a mash poster… 3 months later and a couple emails later… It never arrived.

    Visa was super cool about reversing the charges.


  • I hate how clever Mash is. I really do. Good stuff.

  • T

    I ordered from them on a monday and received my mystery order on a thursday…i live on the east coast….they ship from the west coast. No problems here.

  • FYI Marty,

    We never made or offered posters. Not sure where you got that idea.