Map Cycles: E3 Tail Light Nuovo Record Post Aug 14, 2010

Map CyclesFlickr account has pages and pages of beautifully-crafted bicycles made in their facilities in Portland. Betcha couldn’t have guessed that’s where they’re from could ya? There’s something very classic about the two-bolt Campy Nuovo Record posts and they just made it a little better with this machining mod by incorporating E3 tail lights in it. Pretty clever! I want one!

3 responses to “Map Cycles: E3 Tail Light Nuovo Record Post”

  1. Coomer says:

    That’s pretty sweet. I might try that out with a cheap seatpost at some point.

  2. Robot says:

    Nicely done, but I prefer my lights from NAHBS’10. Is this taillight dynamo powered?

    – Joshua.Robot