Locked Up: Riggio Americana Pista Aug 20, 2010


Under the Beautiful Bicycles category, I’m going to start documenting all the beautiful bikes I come across on the street in a label called “Locked Up”. Today while getting coffee at Gimme I came across this Riggio Americana SL Pista. Riggio bicycles were made by Viner in Italy in the 70’s and 80’s. The Americana Pista model was a Columbus SL main triangle and lower-end Columbus steal rear triangle (most likely Cromor). Check out some more detailed photos below.





Really nice build. Full Campy pista, Cinelli cockpit and a Selle Regal saddle. Check out more photos here on my Flickr.

  • bork

    Huh. Decals look like they were, uh, ‘inspired’ by Masi’s gran crit — http://www.bikevintage.com/masi/masi-sticker.jpg

  • wizard

    Poor job of locking up. No wonder so many bikes get stolen in Brooklyn.

  • In the owners defense it’s right outside his shop and in full visibility at all times. I lock mine the same way outside that shop all the time…

  • sorry charlie

    good idea.

  • Josh

    Does anyone know anything about Riggio bikes? I just built up a pursuit frame but could not find much info on the company

  • rick
  • yeah, I noticed that later. Haha.

  • guy

    i used to live down the street from the riggios in the mid 70’s. i was just a teen, but seeing the new in box cinellis as soon as they came from italy,in the riggios basement, really started me with a love of bikes that still lasts to this day. thanks for giving me a fond memory prolly.

  • jim

    If anyone knows how to get in touch with the Riggio bike family, I’d like to write to them.

  • Chuck Riggio

    Love this, That frame is from my grandfather bike shop, House of Wheels.

  • Sheba Legend

    I have Riggio Americana with a Campagnolo outfit. It’s fairly light and fast.