Liu Wen Cheng: Taipei City Rider Portraits Aug 8, 2010

I’m amazed at how rapidly the fixed gear scene spread throughout Asia, especially Taiwan. Liu Wen Cheng has been working on a series of photos documenting the riders in his home town of Taipei City. Check the rest of them out here, at his Flickr.

  • Tien Chang

    taiwan basically produced most of the low end to mid range fixies; people are able to get cheap ass bikes with decent setups.
    the scene here is like whoa on fire. i was surprised when i first moved to kaohsiung( the largest city done in southern taiwan), i thought i was the only fixed rider. in less then 5 months, i would see them fixed kids almost everywhere in downtown.

  • nundt

    doesnt that look a little bit like a Congo face? haha