Joe McKeag & Joey Inferno Aug 7, 2010

Joe impressed me more than just about any other rider in LA while I was visiting for the Summer fix event. First of all, I had never heard of him and second of all he was super consistent and flowly. His x-ups are over turned, his 3’s are clean and he throws bars everywhere. This is the best edit I’ve seen in a while. Joe and Joey tearing it up. Big ups guys!

  • beaver

    thanks man. i fucked up and didnt use the 50mm lense all night. it was my first edit with my new camera. oh well.

    thanks for the love, prolly.
    i hope you liked your bike when we shipped it out!

  • aj

    very nice, i watched that 180, fullback line at least 4 times trying to figure out his foot timing. his goofy footed then not. way to go sir.

  • yay! go joe!

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggin joooooeee.


  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    I REALLY like this one. Both Joe(y)s ripped!