Jason Clary for Soma Aug 19, 2010

Photo by Jayne Liu

Remember this dude? Haven’t heard much from him in a while and then today, there’s a post on Maca about him riding for Soma. Killer bike. Great shot by the way Jayne! Check out more here!

  • antihero1972

    nice, i really like this guys riding style and Soma stil makes a realy decent nice track bike.

  • the cajen

    not diggin the SPOK

  • He was really cool for the 10 minutes our paths crossed in SF!

    Also, blah blah hills, Jason was really keeping up and cutting edge with the tricks right before everything went fat tire. I want to see more of that!

  • Jason Clary “lil j”

    What up tom! its been a minute.. hows your wrist doing?? Im heading to ny in september, if your close we should ride..

  • Sup JJ… sweet deal…