J.P. Weigle Track Bike for Sale Aug 9, 2010

Remember my JP Weigle: Curves and Lines that Flow entry? Well, that track and road pair is being split up and sold on eBay. The track bike’s auction is asking a pretty penny but in my opinion, this bike is worth every cent. I simply love Weigle’s work and would kill for a custom cross bike from him. Regardless, owning the 2008 Le Cirque du Cyclisme best track bike in show would be an honor!

Check out the asking price right here!

JP Weigle: Curves and Lines that Flow

  • Spencer (SF)


  • Had no idea this guy was here in Cincinnati. Given that I know lots of the vintage bike heads and work at a bike shop where they come in regularly, I wonder what kind of hermit would keep such beauties under cover for so long!