It’s The Weekend Aug 13, 2010

You know you’re ready for the weekend. It’s the perfect time of the day to head home, have a drink, clean your bike and go for a ride. Ride safe everyone!

  • Jose

    Balas platas y bicicleta=transitivo epico!!

  • Oh yes! Only thing you got wrong was the beer :P

  • Tsar

    Man, if only it wasn’t raining so hard…

  • Coors Light…REALLY?! My father would be so proud of you! Did you hear about Quiznos taking over the Coors Classics?

  • Shit guys an ice cold coors is where it’s at.

  • Andrew

    Coors is where it’s at.

  • (troll) Coors Light is NOT the way to start out the weekend. Unless you live by yourself in a $25/night motel. (I do.)

  • Luke

    Is that your workbench? If so, it’s pretty slick!