Ian Rutter: Kissing with Helmets Portraits Aug 16, 2010

Photo by Ian Rutter

Some say true love cannot be measured. I say it takes true love to ride 4,700 miles across the country. That’s what Brett and Edie are doing on their honeymoon. Kissing with Helmets is their blog, which I’ve mentioned before and they’ll be updating it along the way so make sure you check in frequently. Those Indy Fabs are ab fab!

Kissing with Helmets

  • wade

    nice to see the full-build with the MATCHING TIRES! not my favorite colors, but the tires give them that extra special touch. didn’t notice that before. now, if I could just get MY wife to ride seriously AND agree to go in on an IF!! jealousy …

  • John

    Those rigs are sick but I hope they don’t encounter any rain or puddles along the way.

  • Big Mike

    Are those really the bikes they’re riding? I’d divorce _myself_ if I tried to do the transamerica on skinny tires with a 39×25 low gear and bars that low. I hope they’re going credit card and the bags just have a couple changes of clothes in them.