Hugo Koblet – Pédaleur de Charme Aug 27, 2010

I saw a trailer for this a while back but the quality was so low and you couldn’t embed the code so I waited. Now, months later, the official trailer is on Youtube. I have no idea what they’re saying but the forthcoming Hugo Koblet – Pédaleur de Charme film looks intense. The production quality is great too. I just love modern films based on cyclists from the old days.

  • dylan

    siick.. its all in swiss german.. going on about how awesomely good looking he was and his mad talent, then the old guy starts telling us his downfall was due to his inability to say ‘no’. (to women, friends etc)

  • Tobi Janning

    Maybe I can help to translate the swiss-german, if you want. By the way you should take a look at the film about Ferdy Kuebler(he is one of the old men in your trailer). Send me a mail if you want to have a copy.