Horse Cycles: 650b Mixte Aug 14, 2010

If this isn’t a perfect girlfriend bike then I don’t know what is. Thomas from Horse Cycles recently completed this 650b Mixte build for a customer and damn, does it ever look good! Very impressive lug-lining and color choices man. Check out more photos here.

  • Tim D.

    That’s a gorgeous bike, but wouldn’t it be a regular step-through? Mixtes have the extra set of stays.

  • x

    Like Tim D. said, that’s not a mixte.

  • R120

    Nice, but not a Mixte

  • Kunstable Kurt

    Yo Prolly it aint a mixte.

    but all ya’ll who called him on it are wankerz!

    why? cuz horse cycles flikr stream calls it the mixte 650 b

    suck one fellas

  • Horse called it a mixte and I was just honoring his words… Thanks

  • x

    Sure, dude. But that’s not a mixte!