Happy Friday the 13th Aug 13, 2010

Photo by Ziggy P

Maybe the reason for all the weird posts today is the fact that it’s Friday the 13th. In the spirit of cycling, this photo from Ziggy P Sports Photography is perfect for this unlucky day. As we’ve seen before, racers often invert their race number if they just so happen to pull the 13 to reverse the bad luck that accompanies it. That’s one lovely photo.

Ash Can Collection: Unlucky 13 Tee

  • Dpatrick1a

    I really like how the road sign like it’s telling the guy his number is the wrong way

  • Great photo! Thanks Prolly. Happy Friday the 13th everybody.

  • Zig


    Best part of the capture is I noticed the sign on a previous time trialist and decided to get a better capture on the next run. Had no idea it was number 13 coming through! Cycling gods smiled on me with this one.