Greg Falski: Super Ted Dirt Top Aug 1, 2010

Photo by Greg Falski

I’m jealous of all these guys riding dirt on their fixed gears. Look at Super Ted getting rad! Greg got some good ones in this set, check the rest out right here!

  • Brody

    Damn, Ted keeps 100!

  • vas

    prolly, why dont you ride some dirt yourself? there are a few spots around. fun!

  • Ahhh man, I try now to be negative but seriously? Riding trails on a fixed gear would have to be the most contradictory thing ever. Watch this video and count how many times they pedal between jumps.

    I ride both BMX and fixed, but I use each one for its intended purpose. I see all these FGFS dudes running smaller, fatter tyres and high 2pc bars. Soon all you’re gonna have is a BMX with a fixed hub, then where? You try and reinvent the wheel and you still get a wheel.

    Stop clinging to your trend and give BMX a go. You won’t be disappointed.

    End Rant

  • Dick Nuts

    re: Troof

    So it aint for you.

    Different strokes for different folks bro.

  • phildoc

    It doesnt make much sense to ride dirt on a fixed gear, the point is to be able to pump through the transitions so you dont have to pedal. super sketchy that you _have_ to pedal. sounds like some broken ankles waiting to happen.

  • Chris

    Troof is correct.
    As a BMXer/FGer, riding trails fixed is the worst thing ever.
    You’ll never be able to clear a decent sized double.

  • Butt R Balls

    Quick somebody build me a fixed dirt bike and sponsor me so I can spend all day on the dirt trails to prove these nay-sayers wrong.

    This is an untapped niche in FGFS riding, it’s time to push this sport forward and spawn a new evolution for people to hate on.

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    People are getting rad off dirt jumps on fixed gear bikes because people like getting rad off dirt jumps, and people like fixed gear bikes. I suppose mentioning its impractical is ok FWIW, but I think the people doing this shit understand implications like “you have to keep pedaling, its gonna be hard!”
    …BMX is awesome, but I don’t advocate to bmxers how they should ride bigger bikes around town when I see them rolling, even though its unconventional when your not doing tricks.