Geekhouse Bikes: Andy & Sandi Woodvilles Aug 2, 2010

Hot damn! Marty and the crew at Geekhouse are just killing it with the Woodville bikes. Like Rivendell for the new generation, the Boston-based builders will not stop! Just wait till you see what’s in store for this year’s NAHBS. Hint hint. Check out more photos right here at the Geekhouse Flickr!

6 responses to “Geekhouse Bikes: Andy & Sandi Woodvilles”

  1. Chris says:

    Soo pretty. Integrated racks and mono-tone paint are hella classy.

  2. Sab says:

    Uh Uhg ugly. Velo-Orange is like Rivendell for a new generation, these are just mountain bikes with racks.

  3. prolly says:

    No Velo Orange is shit made in Taiwan that looks like the originals. Blah. You’re right about mtb’s though. But that’s because there’s a ton of overlap in the history of the bikes. Similar purposes…

  4. Sab says:

    Well VO once a pon a time had the johnny coast frames, but same goes for Rivendell, they have a taiwan frameset now.
    Speaking of generations, I’m very anti-mtb from all of my friends in their 30s, they’d argue that you Have to use clipless pedals, blah blah. All of those mtb “improvements” seem pretty terrible for what people often use bikes for, ya know riding on the street to work or where ever.

    Sorry but I guess I was a bit miffed about the Riv comment, they’re about class, these bikes seem trendy/tacky.

  5. Sab says:

    Yeah I have, very very awesome photography!

    I agree he should just be doing that on his own, I actually have one of their taiwanese frames, I couldn’t afford a custom frame, and I’d also be way too freaked out to lock it up around nyc.

    Also I gotta admit, I’m probably too young to really get riv or mtb’s, my only experience with mountain bikes was riding them as a very little kid. Still hate’em though haha

  6. Spacemodular says:

    Geez, Yooz Giiiiz is sum jerkZzzz!

    Fleet commuters aren’t good grocery getters.

    If you want to carry a big load of stuff on a bike a Mountain style will kick any pseudo track bike style frame’s ass any day! That goes for loaded touring as well.

    Get your applications straight!

    As for Tawain bashing, well they kind of kicked our asses years ago for large scale manufacturing of bicycles. They have the state of the art technology for any production bike.

    I do like the small guys though. Maybe made in the USA will mean something again someday…

    Keep it going Geekhouse! Nice work!