Fixkin: LOCK Aug 26, 2010


This new component from Fixkin in Italy is simply called the LOCK. Now, I couldn’t translate the text properly and there aren’t diagrams or assemblage photos so I’m going to take a crack at deciphering its intended use. The LOCK appears to bolt into a hub’s threads. Then it allows you to run a proprietary cog on it. Say you strip your threads or you want to make a cheap conversion, this would be your answer if you have an older-style hub body (with freewheel threads, not a splined interface).

It’s interesting for sure. You better make sure all those bolts are well tightened! Maybe someone who speaks or reads Italian could explain it better for us?

  • 4li5t4ir

    It’s for turning a cassette hub into a fixed hub. You remove the cassette and bolt this onto the hub.

  • drew

    Cassette hub no, freewheel hub yes. big difference.

  • 4li5t4ir

    “Lock 6V is suitable to directly replace the sprocket 6-speed ‘in the old BDC.”

    I’m guessing that means replace a 6 speed cassette. Also that’s why there are so many spacers on it, a single speed would have no need for them.

  • voltron

    Lock 6V is suitable to directly replace the sprocket 6-speed ‘in the old BDC.
    Allows adjustment of the line by moving the chain thickness.
    Completely Ergal 7075 T6.
    Complete with 4 shims, drilling screws and socket screws for easy assembly-disassembly of the pinion.
    Mount compatible Miche sprocket.

  • deadlylow

    BDC means Bici da Corsa ie Road Bike. This 6v model fits six speeds cassette hubs (V stands for velocità, speed); you can adjust the chain line by moving the shims. There’s also a single speed model for ss freewheel hubs or for track hubs with stripped threads (an example on the site says on a hub with a 42mm chain line you’d get a new 45mm chain line, suggesting you use a road crank with the chain ring in the outer position).
    They’re both miche-carrier compatible.
    Since the screws drill into the hub this product is ok for a low cost conversion on an old road hub or a track hub with ruined threads.
    I think it’ll be my first step for a cheap bike to be left in bad neighborhoods without caring too much…

  • Deadlylow wrote the exact purpose of both Lock and its 6V version.

  • What’s the smallest cog you can run with this thing? Also, since this is for 6 speed, I would assume that this is for 126 spacing. I’m thinking that you could get a small cog for tricking purposes, i.e. 9t fixed.

  • If the Lock is made for carrying Miche cogs then the smallest cog you can run is for sure the smallest Miche one (I guess it’s a 13/14t).
    Fixkin was into building hubs with microdrives too but it seems that he stopped hubs production right now (hope that the stop won’t last forever).

  • john

    So you ruin the threads of the hub when you tighten the screws to hold it into place?

  • Manin