Fixed Freestyle: Evolution or Revolution? Aug 31, 2010

Photo by Ed Glazar

I recently wrote a follow-up article on fixed freestyle entitled Fixed Freestyle: Evolution or Revolution? for Urban Velo. Maybe you remember the last one entitled Fixed Freestyle Evolution? Here’s the opening paragraph:

It’s no secret that cycling is an ever-evolving sport. When broken down into specific species of bicycles, one can track their phenotype by a time period. Rigid mountain bikes, steel road bikes and tank-like BMX bikes are all signifiers of their place in history. Evolution in cycling, just like in nature, occurs when natural selection takes hold.

Make sure you check the rest of the article out here and pick up Urban Velo 21 soon at your LBS! Seriously, Ed’s photography is so bad ass!

Urban Velo 11 Article

  • Smitty

    It’s a really good read.

    But one thing I have difficulty with is when you say big companies don’t have the foresight, manpower and resources.
    Smaller companies don’t have the liability or have to answer to accountants or ma & pa bike dealers who wish they were still selling Schwinn Varsitys and Stingrays.
    It kind of comes off short sited.

  • Smitty, I totally understand. Good point and thanks for the critique! Much appreciated.

  • Smitty

    Thanks for being the mouth piece and elder statesman for FGFS.