Fixed Bergamo: La Garibaldina Aug 24, 2010

Woah. What an awesome race promo video. Complete with product logo tracking and a very Macaframa-esque song choice. Nice one guys! Check out more info at Fixed Bergamo!

  • james

    Macaframa-esque? It’s Morricone’s ‘The Ecstasy of Gold” from Il Buono, Il Brutto e Il Cattivo.

    cool promo!

  • Hey man, it wasn’t an insult. Simmer! The video just had a Maca-feel to me. Ain’t no thing.

  • Thanks Prolly, i m happy to see you like the “italian style”

    for others informations of the race…

  • Carmel

    funny how his bike changes from right to left side drive!

  • SweetLou

    nice vid. what’s this song called?

  • uh, really? It’s at the top of the comments…


  • cory kroeger

    i thought it was nice, i would like to see more videos like this!

  • Kevin

    That damn litterbug! Just leavin’ that empty can of Red Bull behind!
    But seriously, is it that much of a fashion faux-pas to have a helmet and brake?
    Well done vid, tho.

  • evilmonkey

    hahaha, i live in milan, i know the dude, and the city i have to be a little racist but it is the lamest city near milan, the street wich he rides it is only about 300mt long. (for you american dudes it is about 300 yds.) the video is well made by my “compas”, it was made to promote a new store in bergamo that will be selling the bike. and yes italians are litter bugs.