Edmund White: Chariot Race Finish Aug 5, 2010

Photo by Edmund White

There are so many rad things in this photo. The first one’s obvious, it’s a chariot race sprint. Other than that, look at the difference in bikes and of course, the panning and composition of the photograph. Edmund White has a series of photos from a recent race night at Northbrook Velodrome just outside Chicago. Check out the whole series here.

  • Man, the facial expressions totally make this.

  • I’ve been to quite a few of the Fri & Sat night races there, and these two guys are usually the ones duking it out at the end for 3 or 4 of the races out of the night. I can’t remember what distances though…cool photo for sure.

  • Excuse my noobishness but whats a chariot race?

  • A Chariot is a one-lap standing-start race on the velodrome. The riders are held at the start line with holders and the first person across the line wins. So it’s basically an all-out acceleration from 0-30+ mph. It makes for good finishes.

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