DPH: Will & Shea On and Off Road Aug 3, 2010

More dirt and more fun riding. Shea and Will take it on and off road in their new edit for DPH.

  • yesss, love the use of some old ‘the warriors’ material.

  • wow. That was INCREDIBLY lame. The music combines with the lameness makes it even toolier.

  • Smitty

    I’m with Derek on this. You want to see fixed on dirt watch Wheeltalk.

  • Ahab

    Skidding up trails. HUGE no no.

  • EG

    the “bad ass” music paired with the the mediocre at best riding made for one unexciting edit

  • will gibbons

    Hate do or hate don’t, this was just a quick little edit to say hi as we haven’t put out anything recently. We’re both working on more… hopefully* entertaining/quality edits.

    : ) thanks.

  • D/c

    I didn’t know riding on Dirt jump trails was a coolness Faux pas. I thought the edit was good. I dont see anyone less holding it down in Detroit, do you? then why hate? is there a little jealousy? Geography wise That city has more rad riding opportunity then most major American Metropolis.

  • sick edit dudes. i liked it alot. haters gonna hate

  • Derek

    Mr. Gibbens…I suggest bigger jumps. That’s what I thought was week. 4 foot gaps build by 10 year old kids? Weaksauce. Tear it up at a BMX track or something…

    The intense music made the unintense footage funneh.

  • You guys are some fucking haters. Go ride your bikes and quit being so god damn negative.

  • Let the wheels talk. props Will and Shea.

  • Yo, thanks for the post John! Haters are always gonna hate.

    This edit definitely didn’t have any real bangers, but I didn’t intend it too. Just some fun shit we filmed in a day. Were not trying to compete for “Gnarliest Fixed Dirt Jumper.”

    And I guess my music choice was way off for this edit. These things happen. But if this is too “bad-ass” for you, Ill try to put some Disturbed or Creed in the next one. ;)