Donal Rey: Romo Rex’s Canondale Aug 19, 2010


Early 90’s Canondale track and road bikes are some of my favorite bicycles that came out of the US in the golden era of cycling. Donal Rey and his crew have the same appreciation and this photo of Romo Rex’s Canondale track is just one of many cameos these frames have made on Donal’s site.

I dunno about you, but if that was my bike, I’d at least be cracking a little smile. hah!

  • santiago

    yo, im a sucker for cdale’s they are like the stiffest frames ever.. and the paint quality is super awesome, the welds, everything.

    prolly, you should take some snaps of my green cdale’ on sunset, looks dope

  • gob

    Worst frame I ever owned was a 3.0 58cm Cannondale with an aluminum fork from 91 or 92. Worst ride, worst road feel, worst comfort, and truck-like handling.

    Sold it for Basso Titanium, which was sort of noodly, but seemed like a dream comparatively. I loved that bike a lot, but the top tube was a bit short. Then I got a Land Shark.

  • Robot

    While I never road my Canondale track on the road, I can say that on the velodrome it was a twitchy race bike. I loved swooping down a steep bank to launch an attack with that thing. (For some reason I recall the stock fork being steel?)

    On a rough surface it’d rattle your teeth out.


  • j

    highly overrated frame. i rode one fora few months and sold it for some steel. plus the rear dropouts made me nervous.