Dartmoor Bikes: Puncher Fixed Aug 9, 2010

Polish mountain bike company Dartmoor has been busy working on their own version of a fixed trick bike. Complete with an entire fixed component line, the Puncher Fixed line offers just about everything but foot retention, wheels and cranks. More information to come on this interesting project. Some nice details on that frame including the integrated seatpost clamp and seat tube cleave. Many thanks to Silesia Fixed for the photo and once Eurobike‘s in full swing next month, we’ll probably be seeing more information on the Puncher line.

5 responses to “Dartmoor Bikes: Puncher Fixed”

  1. jeff says:

    If its the same integrated seatpost clamp as on the norco spade, its a pain in the ass to get tight. You have to slip a little chunk of rubber (mines from a burnt out tire) inbetween the clamp and the post or it will never “bite” properly.

  2. Jerrylikesbikes says:

    No cranks you say? Here’s a hint, there’s something very interesting in that wedge shaped box….

  3. dAniel says:

    damn, so many options for fgfs frames i don’t know what to get anymore.

  4. DartmoorUSA says:

    that wedge shaped box is actually our pivotal seat. the cranks are in the box beneath that box. and i assure you, this integrated seat post binder bolt system is very very simple and gets/stays tight with no problems. it actually a wedge system more like the thomson stems.

  5. chris says:

    the wedge box is actually a Dartmoor pivotal saddle and the rectangle box below that is the crank box. if you have any questions on the Puncher or any other Dartmoor frames/parts – contact me at sales@dartmoorusa.com. thanks, chris.