Dan Maes is a Douchebag Aug 4, 2010

Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon

I try to stay out of politics on this blog. Partially because I don’t want to alienate any readers or start a veritable shit storm in the comments but things like this really piss me off. The Denver Post reports that Republican Dan Maes accused Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s pro-cycling policies as “converting Denver into a United Nations community.” Hickenlooper’s B-Cycle program (pictured above) has caused quite a stir in Denver in recent months, where he plugged the program at a local auto-sales fundraiser program where he inquired “How do we wean ourselves off automobiles?”.

Back to the anti-UN slander. Maes accuses Hickenlooper’s office of “signing up mayors across the country, and these mayors are signing on to this U.N. agreement to have their cities abide by this dream philosophy.” This dream philosophy included encouraging employers to facilitate their cycling-commuters by installing showers and other benefits amongst other perks for them. Sounds pretty rad to me.

It gets kinda rediculous, but then again, Maes is supported by the Tea Party, an organization with its head so far up its ass that they can’t see the light of day if they tried.

Read more at the Denver Post.

  • chris

    Ya I agree. CO is looking cool with this and the resurgence of a UCI event soon. can’t stand small minds either. hopefully maes wasn’t sincere. his comment is close to political suicide in such a cycle friendly area. maybe an apology or clarification will come next from him.

  • ez

    I was skeptical about the efficacy of B-Cycle, but lo and behold the bikes are everywhere. It’s sad that Maes is… drinking the t-party punch, not that I’m pro-Republican, but this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Maybe he’s just trying to get publicity.

  • 120spaced

    Prols…I totally understand the “stay out of politics” stance. That’s just smart…but on this issue the candidate in question is a pretty extreme far right nut-job (aligned with the right end of the Tea Party no less) so i doubt you would get any blowback for calling this D-bag out.

    And really, do you want people lurking on your site that believe federally fluoridated water is diabolical plot to take away your guns?

  • Spencer

    Fucking socialist pinko commie. Go ride your gay bike.

    Someone had to give you that response, right?

    November will pass and this guy will go back to being a correspondent for his local FOX affiliate or whatever they do in non-election years.

  • max mccollum

    its just the old fucking republican conformists sitting at their desks all day thinking of ways to “preserve” their ideals on how everyone should drive cars so the rich basterds can make more money off their god forsaken oil and gasoline stocks. And thanks for that comment about the tea party prolly. i think obama should make it illegal for their to be an organization as redneck bum fuck as that.

  • allender

    as a denverite i was skeptical when i first saw all these red B-cycle racks popping up everywhere. but people really do utilize these bikes. i think its great. i know i can always transport my bike with me, but i would still like to ride around instead of walking and busing. i think all major cities should have this resource. i just wish they had some variety in bikes…

  • squib

    amen brother

  • @ max mccollum

    speak up dude!

    too right!